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Since his entry into the world of real estate Scott has closed hundreds of transactions and turned dozens of clients into friends. His goal is not to sell as many homes as possible, but rather to build a deep and lasting relationship with each and every one of his clients. By using client-first business practices Scott has been able to grow his business by leaps and bounds, even in a down market.

On a more personal note, Scott was born and raised in Austin, TX and grew up in 78704. Scott graduated from Texas State University with an undergraduate degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish; he went on to get his MBA with a focus on finance and management. He has a Golden-Doodle named Willy, and a younger brother and sister named Nicholas and Amber.

He is well-traveled and fluent in Spanish. Scott has the gift of gab and loves to talk shop. Feel free to shoot him an e-mail on how he can help you understand the ins and outs of the wonderful world of real estate.

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